What is it?

omescribe is an upcoming online service that will allow you to write music using Ome Swarlipi.

Who is it for?

omescribe is free for everybody to use. It is aimed at teachers and academics, who can use it to design tests and presentations; at students and researchers who can use it to write their compositions and notes; at musicians and professionals who can use it to create and record new compositions.

How does it work?

Open the omescribe editor in your browser, you will be able to type in your name, a composition title, and then your actual composition. After you are done with your composition, you can export it as a PDF, which can be emailed or printed out.


ome swarlipi

Ome Swarlipi is designed to be a universal representation of music. Rooted in Indian tradition, the technique allows for notation of notes, strokes and beats in a compact, expressive manner suited both to print and digital publication. Buy the book Sitar Compositions in Ome Swarlipi by Dr. Ragini Trivedi, also available on Amazon.

write and save

Omescribe allows you to write music in Ome Swarlipi, and save the composition as a PDF. This file can be opened on any computer, printed out, and emailed. Use it to record precious heritage, complete assignments for your course, or just play with your creativity. Try the beta out now.

reference library

Use the reference to learn how to read and write Ome Swarlipi, and how to use Omescribe. We will soon feature compositions that will demonstrate the principles and power of the script.

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